Future of Solana

Future of Solana

In 2021, Solana has been a standout performer. It has surged up the ranks of cryptocurrencies to become the world’s fourth most valuable cryptocurrency. Solana is currently worth $64.2 billion. Its increasing investment community is keen to see how its technology stacks up against market titans Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) (ETH). However, investors should keep in mind that Solana is still relatively newer. The cryptocurrency’s severe volatility in 2021 implies that it is still a high-risk speculative investment at this time.

What Is Solana?

 Solana is a layer one blockchain that was established by Anatoly Yakovenko in 2017 and was live in April 2020. The blockchain aspires to replace any financial markets-focused marketplace. Solana has a unique proof of history and proof of stake system that enables the blockchain to scale while maintaining decentralization. It’s worth noting that Yakovenko has declared openly that Solana is not an “Eth-Killer”.He envisions a world in which many blockchains are interconnected.

How Does It Affect Industry Disruption?

Solana is working to improve the speed and security of real-world users. The technology behind it is incredible, with a TPS (transaction per second) of over 50,000.It is greatly outperforming major participants in the sector like Ethereum (ETH-USD) and Cardano (ADA-USD). However, the Solana ecosystem’s applications go well beyond financial markets. Solana is presently working on DeFi, crypto wallets, NFTs, gambling, oracles, and other projects.

Hold Distribution And Tokenomics:

One of the most important variables to look at before investing is a project’s tokenomics. This information is freely available on the internet for all crypto projects, yet most investors neglect it. We want to assess inflation, token supply, and hold distribution. It is done to ensure that the purchasing demand on our investment does not become hyper-inflated in the future.

The maximum supply of Solana tokens is 489 million. Only 301 million of these tokens are presently in circulation. As a result, the current inflation rate is roughly 8%. Though an inflation rate isn’t always a negative thing. It allows the ecosystem to compensate validators for keeping the network working.

Recent developments:

Comparing the growth rate of a blockchain’s development. Rather than only the price, is one of the most important measures of its success. Solana, for example, has over 350 decentralized applications (dApps) operating on the blockchain. When you compare this to Ethereum’s 2800+ and Binance Smart Chain’s (BNB-USD) 800, you can realize how remarkable this is for a blockchain that is just a year old. To put this in context, Cardano took more than three years to deploy dApps on its network.


Solana will be one of the best-performing cryptos in the coming market rally. If you don’t already own any, it’s a good idea to start with a tiny stake at market price and then purchase on dips in the low $200s. Solana will soon surpass 20% of Ethereum’s market capitalization. The following year will be a period of hyper-growth for Solana.

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